Hi guys! In my last post, Happy(er) New Year, I wrote about the terrible year Tim and I had last year. 2017 was definitely a year of frustration, anxiety, and hopelessness for us. I then proclaimed 2018 to be a year of miracle and blessing despite the fact that nothing about this year has changed…yet.

Well, as a way of keeping track of our blessings, I have decided to post them on the blog not only for me to see, but for the world to see just how good our God is despite the troubles we face in this world.

Blessing #1 – The bank that took us to court last year because of our debt has decided not to take anymore legal action against us and has decided to create an affordable payment plan for us instead. Praise Jesus because this is exactly what Tim and I have been trying to do from the beginning!

Blessing #2 – Tim signed a long-term client yesterday! As most of you have already read, Tim just started as a personal trainer at UFC Gym last year only a couple months before we left for Christmas break in California. The dread of him having to start over in January stressed the both of us out pretty much the entire 2 weeks we were gone.

But God…

He can do anything and He for sure wants to bring me and Tim out of this mess we got ourselves in. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have lessons to learn along the way.

I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for our little family this year.

Do you have blessings or prayers to share? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: Nicole Marks

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