Today is the first day of my new lifestyle diet. I have decided to go plant-based.

Before you get too judgemental, I have decided to try it out for a number of reasons:

1. Health – I’ve researched a lot about plant-based diets and have decided to see what the benefits could be for myself. Others who have made the switch to plant based have made remarkable progress in their health as far as battling diabetes, cancer, and weight-loss (If you’re interested in learning the science behind it all, read this, this, and this).

2. It’s More Sanitary – I love meat. But as much as I love meat, I also know America’s love for meat continues to ruin it for everyone. The way the animals are kept in cages and warehouses by the thousands only leaves room for disease and human error. Dead and sick animals along with their fecal matter are housed together to be slaughtered for our consumption. Some animals are even fed their dead – manmade cannibals!

I don’t know about you, but this makes me absolutely queasy inside. I don’t want to eat sickly, dirty, cannibal meat.

3. Complete Control – I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to things that affect me personally. I plan my day out, how long an activity will take me, and how certain things should be done. Going plant-based gives me complete control of what goes into my food, especially if what I buy isn’t processed (canned, bagged, put through a machine, etc.).

I can’t say the same for meat since I’ll never be the one with a farm full of animals to slaughter.

4. It’s Inexpensive – If you do it the right way, buying plant-based can be pretty cheap, especially if what you buy isn’t processed. You can grow most of it yourself and with a little extra prep-work, you can make things you’d normally buy in a package like hummus, dressing, or ketchup.

5. Back to the Basics – God created mankind to care for the earth and to eat from the garden. Yes, the garden meaning the vegetation growing thereof. We were meant to be friends with animals and to eat plants. Of course, when sin entered into the world things changed and we flipped the script. However, I have seen that whenever we attempt to get closer to God’s original intents in life, we tend to live more joyfully and peacefully on the earth. For me, this lifestyle change is not only a physical one, it’s a spiritual one as well.

6. I LOVE Animals – While I was always able to eat meat, I never thought of the food I ate as another animal; merely another component to my meal. However, had I ever owned a farm, I know I would have easily named and made friends with each one. This would result in my refusal to eat them because I established a loving relationship with them. I know it sounds corny to say, but animals really do have feelings and I care about that. I care about it enough to at least try this whole plant-based thing.

7. We Have Choices – Modern technology has made it much easier to do things we never thought we could. The same goes for advances with our food. We are no longer living in desperate times as resources are more available to us than they ever have been. We don’t have to eat meat to survive – we can choose to get creative and eat more fruits and vegetables like real freaking adults.


These are my reasons for trying this lifestyle out and I’ll be keeping a daily log of diet for you guys to follow along with.

Is anyone else making the switch to plant-based? Let me know how it’s going for you in the comments!

Author: Nicole Marks

Hi, I'm Nicole aka the Holy Hippie. My blog exists to inspire, encourage, and motivate positive change - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you're in need of a friend, just pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and let's talk life together.