I just recently converted our sunroom into a Meditation Room. It’s where I not only do my blogging, but where I relax to the sound of the rain and meditate on God’s word early in the morning or late into the evening.

Prior to this, I had my study in our bedroom and it was dreadful. Every time I wanted to do any type of studying, I ended up retreating back into bed. The room, no matter how I tried to brighten it up, is just too dark and shady for any studying to be done (however, it is very good to sleep in).

Thus, the birth of the Meditation Room – a place to study, blog, and meditate on God’s love, joy, and peace.

I’m pretty impressed at how I could make this one little spot seem bigger, cleaner, and overall more inviting to relax, unwind with some yoga, and get my studying/blogging done.

It was a very bright day when this picture was taken. Please forgive the harshness! Better pictures on the way!

If you’re looking to make a Meditation Room for yourself, here’s my Must-Have list for everything you need to get started!

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1. Incense or Candles – If you’re like me, you need some good smells to get you into the proper meditating zone. My favorites are Capri Blue CB705VOL White 19 Ounce Volcano Jar Candle and Aquiesse Reed Diffuser Sandalwood Vanille. If you’re into essential oils, then use this diffuser to help set the mood.

2. Inspirational Quotes – I’m in love with the written word and I am a firm believer that what you are exposed to daily becomes you. Don’t let the devil’s negative vibes keep you down; fight back with some powerful and uplifting words. Carpe diem with this letterboard or if calligraphy is more your style, use a chalkboard. I have both in my Meditation Room and both are equally encouraging and therapeutic.

If you’d rather the words be put on paper already, these posters are the perfect motivation to keep pressing on.

3. Relaxing Prints – I love anything nature inspired. These botanical prints would look lovely on any wall.

4. Natural Elements – Sand, driftwood, starfish, plants – basically anything nature can provide brings a little bit of the outdoors inside. For me, natural elements are a reminder to me of God’s heart. He could have made the world grey and lifeless, yet He chose to give us vibrant colors and unique shapes. I love this bonzai tree from 9GreenBox. They’re lovely and bring about a sense of calm and relaxation.

5. Succulents – These are all the rage right now and for good reason! They’re resilient, easy to to maintain and multiply, and are beautiful little plants. To me, a succulent’s beauty reminds me of how I need to be in life – simple, resilient, and to grow wherever I fall (succulent leaves grow from itself. If you’re interested in succulent propagating, read here). This shop sells succulents of every kind! Check these out!

6. Planters & Pots – Unique vases, planters, and pots help pull all your little plants together. Try these wall planters for your succulents or these hanging planter terrariums for your air plants.

7. Tapestries – A wall full of vibrant colors and captivating patterns draw me in every time. These prints are relaxing and subtle; Perfect for any wall.

8. Meditation Pillow – Sometimes prayer can send you to your knees. Protect them with a comfy, yet elegant meditation pillow.

9. Bluetooth Speaker – I like to play worship music very lightly in the background when I pray or write in my journal. I listen to my favorite Spotify playlist (find it here) and an awesome mini bluetooth speaker. Music really helps to inspire and motivate me for the day ahead.

10. Yoga Mat – Sometimes we best hear from God when we’re simply lying down – when we’ve stopped doing anything and just are. Having a nice yoga mat is essential when you’re laying on a hard surface and it’s what I use when I’m meditating on God’s word for the day.

Where do you do your meditating? What things help put you in the mood to meditate? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Nicole Marks

Hi, I'm Nicole aka the Holy Hippie. My blog exists to inspire, encourage, and motivate positive change - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you're in need of a friend, just pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and let's talk life together.

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