The Holy Hippie

Since I was in elementary school, I always felt I belonged in a different decade in time. I became obsessed with every era but my own. I suppose it could’ve been the influence of my parents in my youth, listening to old rock ‘n’ roll bands from the 1950s onward, or perhaps the lyrics from songs of old Hawai’i, or maybe even watching shows like the Brady Bunch, the Monkees, and the Partridge Family that did me in. Maybe it was even listening to my parents talk about the things they missed about their younger years. No matter what it was, I couldn’t help but think I belonged there too.

One era, however, became my idealization as a child- the ’70s. From the bellbottom jeans, to the flowy, long hair, the flowery patterns, the best music, the love of nature, but mostly- free love.
In my naivety as a child, I couldn’t help but think, Hey, loving people is awesome! As true as that thought was, I realized later that most of these “Flower Children” were on LSD and other hallucinogens and often rejected societal norms.
Yet, even after learning about all that madness, I still felt sort of drawn to the idea of it…

In my recent years, I have directed my focus on being healthier and trying to spend more of my time doing things that I enjoyed; things that made life worth living. For me, that involved being outdoors and staying active not only to be fit, but because my heart enjoyed it. A life out in nature is a passion of mine – health and fitness just go along with it.

I noticed, after some time, that I was just drawn to a certain lifestyle; one that required nothing but my spirit and the sun; a life outdoors and away from it all. It was a life that I wanted to live forever.

I think other people could sense that. Friends, family members, and people I barely knew would tell me I was such a “hippie.” I would just look at them and laugh because I didn’t think of myself that way at all! I thought I was just being myself.

After a while, after hearing it so often, I took a step back and really examined myself – was I a hippie? Is that what being a hippie is to people – eating healthy, living actively, and enjoying the great outdoors? I went as far as looking up the definition and this is what I found:

hip·pie  noun
a person, especially of the late 1960s, who rejected established institutions and values and sought spontaneity, direct personal relations expressing love, and expanded consciousness, often expressed externally in the wearing of casual, folksy clothing and of beads, headbands, used garments, etc.

While I could agree with most of the definition, I couldn’t relate to the whole rebellion thing. I mean, that wasn’t me…or was it?
Recently, I have been on the journey to loving myself the way God loves me. I asked for prayer from fellow believers and through meditation on the Holy Spirit’s presence, God reminded me what holy means:

ho·ly  adjective, ho·li·er, ho·li·est.

  1. specially recognized as or declared sacred by religious use or authority; consecrated: holy ground.
  2. dedicated or devoted to the service of God, the church, or religion: a holy man.
  3. saintly; godly; pious; devout: a holy life.
  4. having a spiritually pure quality: a holy love.
  5. entitled to worship or veneration as or as if sacred: a holy relic.
The word holy is used to describe something or someone. It isn’t to say that I am “holier than thou,” or that I am perfect, or that I am spotless. It doesn’t even mean I am trying to be religious. It just means something or someone that is dedicated to the services of God; a devoted follower open to the will of the Spirit of God.
Romans 12:1 says this:
Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.

Then it occurred to me- Why can’t I be both? The Spirit says I can.

Well, Nicole, what about the hippie rebellion? My answer to you is anyone who follows Jesus is in automatic rebellion and opposition with the establishments and values of this world, whether they like it or not. The only way to rise above it is to humble ourselves before the Lord, exalt His Spirit within us, and love fully all people and all beings within our sphere of influence.

For this cause, I can proudly call myself The Holy Hippie. It is who I am and who I aspire to be daily. After all, I am a free spirit.